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Welcome! I am so excited to be part of your wellness journey. I am passionate about helping new moms who are looking to get active and eat better so they can drop their baby weight and feel more energetic!

I am a new mama, certified pre and postnatal coach, nutrition coach, and personal trainer. I am here to help you develop consistent, sustainable habits that will help you thrive during this transitional time!


How I Can Help You

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Since meeting with Mary and creating weekly goals, I've been able to be far more consistent, and I started actually seeing results! Mary is a great health coach because she listens intently to you and coaches you to your own solution. Mary helped me to see something very important, it was time to get out of the cycle of extreme dieting and binge-ing and start down the path to treating my body with love and care. I would recommend Mary as a health coach to anyone who wants someone to help them meet their health goals or someone who will encourage them to be their best self.

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Mary was the first fitness and wellness coach that I ever worked with, and I absolutely loved it! After a quick discovery call, we realized that our values toward health and wellness aligned and we'd be a good fit for each other. From there we proceeded with coaching. We first made some nutrition and fitness goals and over a few months worked hard to achieve them. This included a very individualized nutrition plan, and a perfectly tailored workout plan (which was changed every two-four weeks, or as needed!) Now that we are wrapping up coaching I feel more prepared to keep up these great nutritional and fitness habits we have worked on. Mary is not only inspirational and motivational, but she is also kind, caring and compassionate. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to make lifelong health and wellness changes!

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Mary is an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s very informative and helpful with anything I wanted to learn! I loved how supportive and encouraging she was even on my laziest days! Haha She really puts forth a lot of effort into personalizing my workouts and catering to my specific needs. It was a super fun experience!!

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Historically, I've been the kind of person who is motivated by "perfect streaks," and once my streak is broken then I lose all motivation. Before becoming a mom, I relied on the thrill of lofty goals and an all-or-nothing mentality to motivate me to exercise and be healthy. But when my first child came along, survival mode took over, and my motivation methods didn't work anymore. After the birth of my second child, I realized if I was ever going to be in shape again then I needed some help to change my mindset and stay motivated, even when hard days came and my perfect streak was broken. That's what attracted me to Mary's coaching philosophy. In our coaching sessions, I've learned about the power of tiny habits, and ways to keep validating myself and feel good about my imperfect efforts, rather than feeling like a failure and giving up. By the end of our coaching, I can now see clearly that motivation is an emotion, and emotions are fickle, so it's important to build habits on something stronger than motivation. Mary's positivity and perspective are a bright beam of light to cut through the clouds of self doubt. She has contagious energy and a reservoir of ideas and information. She is flexible and client-centered, an amazing guide in your journey to a better you!

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Mary is a caring and great go-to coach; especially if you need help with exercise and nutrition. She helped me break down my vision and goals into small, realistic steps and sent resources to help me succeed. I appreciate that her education and certifications compliment her coaching. She's put the time and work in to be a knowledgeable and caring coach. I felt validated and encouraged from our sessions together.

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