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Passionate About Helping You Be Consistently Well!

Hi, I'm Mary! I am so excited to be part of your wellness journey. I am passionate about helping new moms who are looking to get active and eat better so they can drop their baby weight and feel more energetic!

Life is busy and hard during pregnancy and the postpartum period. As a mom myself, I have been where you are! However, finding an exercise and nutrition plan that works for your individual lifestyle can make a world of difference. My goal as your pre and postnatal coach is to help you develop habit that EMPOWER you to live your best life, rather than adding more stress to your life as a young mom. 

Schedule a free consultation with me to find the next step on your wellness journey!

I have always loved all things health and wellness! ​I love sports, fitness, food, and the great outdoors. Throughout my education and career, I have learned that living a healthy life does not need to be perfect. What you can do consistently is MUCH better than the perfect plan you can't stick to! I would love to coach you and help you find the consistent healthy habits that will help you thrive! Each new mama has such a unique journey, which is why I am a huge fan of individualized coaching! There is not a one size fits all when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Let's find what works for you!!


  • GGS Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach

  • ACSM Personal Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Cycling Instructor (Schwinn)

  • High Fitness Instructor


  • B.S Exercise and Wellness

  • 4+ years of corporate wellness/coaching experience

  • Experienced personal trainer and fitness instructor

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