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Social Media and Well-Being

My husband and I recently watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix and I think it's safe to say our eyes have been opened! We've put off watching it for a long time because we didn't want to change our habits. If you can relate, that's OKAY! I was there. But it is definitely worth the watch!

Social media can have some great benefits such as helping you keep in touch with friends and family, promote a business, gain education, etc. I own my own fitness and nutrition coaching company, which has led to depend heavily on social media to get the word out! However, over the past couple of months, I have noticed a lot of negative self-talk that seems to be rooted in social media. It is so easy to compare and think that everybody else is doing so much better than us.

"The Social Dilemma" points out some struggles that have arisen as a result of these prevalent platforms. A rise in depression and anxiety and lack of real social connection really stuck out to me! It may seem like we are getting all the connection that we need. But more often than not, we are left feeling even more empty. I am hopeful that reducing time on social media will help us fight back against mental illness.

Here are some big takeaways that we are trying to apply:

  1. Get rid of time wasting apps (we went through and deleted unnecessary apps)

  2. Turn off notifications (this helps us stop being so distracted by a constant buzzing in our pocket and focus on being in the present moment)

  3. Set screen limits (we set screen time limits for social media apps)

  4. Take a break (I'm taking a social media fast for the next week to reevaluate how I want to use these platforms).

Obviously, the best thing we can do is to delete these apps! But that may not be realistic for all of us. My biggest tip is to do what feels right and needed for your own personal life! Check out "The Social Dilemma" and let me know what you think! I would love to learn from your perspective! :)

You're AWESOME! And don't you forget it!


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