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Eating Slowly and Mindfully... Does It Work?

If you're like me, you've probably tried out several diets with no luck! Weight loss can be so frustrating, right?! Since I have become a nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, I keep coming back to the idea of eating slowly and mindfully.

Mindfulness is being very aware of what is going on in the present moment. Mindful eating is when you pay attention to what your body is experiencing as you eat or drink. What does the food taste like? What is the texture? How warm is it? How does it make you feel? What are you thinking as you eat?

Now, you may be feeling skeptical and think this sounds absolutely BONKERS! And that is okay! But don't throw this out quite yet.

The beauty of mindful eating and slowing down is that it engages you with your body's hunger and fullness cues. So often, we eat very fast and are super distracted when doing so. As a result, we have no idea when we're full or hungry. But taking the time to slow down and be more mindful while we eat can be a game changer in connecting us with those natural cues!

Here is a practice (provided by Precision Nutrition) that may help you in your quest to slow down!

Eating Slowly, Without Distractions

Eating slowly and without distractions helps you become more aware of your choices and be aware of your hunger and fullness cues. It helps you stop eating sooner when you are satisfied instead of stuffed!

Eventually, it may even help with weight loss because you are bringing in less energy than is burned. This is a great start to regulating your hunger without actually dieting. It's a simple practice to follow but it definitely takes effort!

Try this during meals!

1. Sit at a table, with no other distractions. No smartphone, no TV, no tablet, no work. Just you and the food.

2. Look at what you're about to eat. Notice what you've chosen.

3. Take a bite of food. Chew slowly. Notice the scent, taste, texture, and temperature.

4. Put your utensils down. Pause.

5. Take a few deep, slow breaths. Consciously relax your body.

6. Check in: What, if anything, do you sense physically? What, if anything, do you feel emotionally? What are you thinking?

7. Take another bite of food. Again, notice the food's characteristics.

8. Put your utensils down again. Again, take a few deep breaths and relax.

9. Check in again. Notice any physical sensations, emotions, or thoughts that come up.

Repeat steps 7 to 9 until your body tells you it's time to stop.

I want to hear how this goes for you! Let me know if you try it out by leaving a comment! To sum it all up, eating slowly and mindfully can be a game changer and help you reach your goals if practiced consistently. :)

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